Innovative Idea

Expanding Access to Financial Literacy Training to Facilitate Resilient Homeownership

Zoraima Diaz-Pineda
Community Development Corporation of Brownsville
Brownsville, Texas

The Community Development Corporation of Brownsville (CDCB) will increase access to its comprehensive financial capability services in Brownsville by partnering with two local employers to offer services, including housing counseling, financial literacy education, and VITA tax preparation, to employees at each worksite. CDCB will also enhance its Financial and Physical Health and Wealth (FPHW) metrics and data analysis methodology to develop a client-facing portal where individuals can independently monitor their FPHW metrics and action plans. CDCB’s programming helps families and communities build wealth by addressing the root cause of chronic financial insecurity and helps low-income families achieve stable homeownership.

Can a financial health service help low-income workers in Brownsville address the root cause of financial insecurity and achieve stable homeownership?

Nick Mitchell-Bennett
While completing his graduate studies at Eastern University, Nick Mitchell-Bennett worked in South Philadelphia with the Point Breeze CDC to organize the CDC’s first housing program. He has also served as the chair of the Board of Directors of the Texas Association of Community Development Corporations as well as a board member of the National Rural Housing Coalition, Proyecto Juan Diego and the Partners for Rural Transformation.

Nick leads a team responsible for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of CDCB’s wealth building programs, including housing counseling, financial coaching, financial empowerment education, matched savings and VITA tax preparation. Follow CDCB on social media @CDCBrownsville.

Community Development Corporation of Brownsville

Community Development Corporation of Brownsville is an affordable housing organization that uses collaborative partnerships to create sustainable communities across the Rio Grande Valley through quality education, model financing, efficient home design, and superior construction. Founded in 1974, CDCB has provided safe and affordable housing to hundreds of households and is now one of the largest non-profit producers of single-family housing for homeownership in Texas.

The southernmost area of Texas has been a persistent poverty region. Brownsville, TX, is often referred to as the poorest city in the country, with the lowest credit score in the nation.