Now that rent counts, take the next step.

How to verify rent payments

Providing your mortgage lender with digital access to 12 months of bank statements is a fast, easy, safe way to certify and share your rent payment history and help you qualify for a mortgage. You’re providing the same information that’s available on printed statements in a convenient digital format.

Why go digital?


It's fast.

It only takes a few minutes to enter and verify your information.


It's simple.

All you need is your bank login info.


It's safe.

Speak to your lender about how your data will be protected.

How does it work?

Avoid the hassle of locating, downloading, uploading, and emailing or mailing bank statements. Digital verification details vary by lender, but the process follows these basic steps:

Frequently asked questions

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The digital verification process is a snapshot (i.e., just like a bank statement) of your banking activity that focuses on rent payments. Digital verification details vary by lender, but, in general, you should be in control of the information they can access. Talk to your lender to learn more.

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Your lender does not have ongoing access to your bank data. They can only view data for as long as you gave your lender consent to do so.

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Speak to your lender to make sure they are not sharing your information. Review any consent and authorizations associated with pulling your data.