Homebuying information to share

Download and share helpful information with potential homebuyers. By downloading, you agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Introduction Letter

This letter can be sent along with the downloadable materials. It busts three common homebuying myths and allows you to personalize with your contact information and logo. Scroll to the bottom for instructions on how to personalize.

Download Letter

7 Steps to Homeownership

Whether you’re sending this to someone who is ready to buy or is still unsure, these steps break down the homebuying process to help them better understand what’s involved at each stage. Each step has its own PDF and can be customized with your logo. Scroll to the bottom for instructions on how to personalize.

Download Steps

Homebuying Checklists

These six checklists are designed for homebuyers to print out and use to take notes and keep track of important milestones throughout the homebuying process. Each checklist can be customized with your logo. Scroll to the bottom for instructions on how to personalize.

Download Checklists

Homebuying Glossary

This glossary covers many common homebuying terms. 

Download Glossary

Materials to share with your networks

Downloadable social media assets and infographics used to educate buyers on homeownership can be helpful, engaging ways to share valuable information across your own channels.

Social Posts and Images

These social posts were created for Facebook and Twitter. When you download, you’ll get assets for each social media platform. Feel free to share on each network or just your preferred platforms.



These three infographics were created to walk potential homebuyers through some of the major homebuying milestones. You can download and share these with specific people or on your social networks. 


Your OWN Story: Homebuyer Education Website

This robust website features all the content featured in this tool kit as well as fun interactive quizzes and useful financial calculators. You can share this site with potential homebuyers.

Visit Website

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  3. Select Add Image in the top tool bar.
  4. Select your logo from where you have it saved and adjust it to be horizontally centered on the top of the page.
  5. Once you have inserted your logo, go to FileSave to save your PDF.

Please be sure to only place your logo at the top of the document, leaving Fannie Mae’s logo at the bottom, and ensure that there is balance between the size of your logo and the size of the Fannie Mae logo; i.e., logos should be equal in size and prominence. Recommended logo size is 450px x 150px.

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