Creating Opportunity Through Education

While the housing market has become increasingly unaffordable, many homebuyers may have more buying power than they believe. There are many misperceptions about mortgage requirements and process that are still circulating, and can be alleviated by a renewed focus on education.

Three Strategies for a Simple, Stress-Free, Affordable Home Transaction Process

A small but growing industry of startups are trying to take the complexity and excess costs out of closing the deal on a new home. This can help make homeownership simpler, more affordable and more accessible.

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Bolstering Homeownership Education to Help Drive Sustainability

Fannie Mae’s Jonathan Lawless discusses the need for expanded homebuyer education in creating more opportunity and sustainability for homebuyers.

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Shopping Around for a Mortgage Pays Off for Consumers

More than one-third of 2018 homebuyers said they did not shop around for a mortgage. By not shopping around to give themselves leverage when negotiating their mortgage, some homebuyers are leaving money on the table.

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Consumers Continue to Overestimate Mortgage Requirements

Misunderstandings about the mortgage process and requirements are preventing many prospective homebuyers from achieving their goal. We see an important opportunity for industry stakeholders to work toward narrowing this knowledge gap.

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