Bridging the Affordable Supply Gap

One of the biggest factors affecting housing affordability is the availability of affordable homes. Limitations of inventory have led to large spikes in average home price. But by better understanding where demand truly lies, we can begin creating more suitable supply.

Homeowner Mobility and Impediments to Moving

The Great Recession saw a sharp decline in mobility, a crucial dimension of the single-family housing market.

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Affordable Housing Crisis Demands Renewed Focus on Housing Supply

Fannie Mae Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Hayward discusses the need to focus on creating more affordable supply as a means to ending the affordable housing crisis.

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Making Room: Housing for a Changing America Exhibit Offers Innovation and Inspiration

A thought-provoking visit to this insightful exhibit at the National Building Museum prompted the tough questions about how to make housing more affordable and the effect that might have on society.

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Lenders: A Shortage of Supply Slowed 2018 Home Sales and Worsened Affordability

Along with rising prices, an insufficient supply of homes for sale was the top reason for the slow growth in home sales in 2018.

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