Affordable Alternative Housing Solutions

Affordable alternatives to traditional site-built homes, such as manufactured housing and accessory dwelling units, have the potential to create opportunity for many homebuyers. By exploring and educating homebuyers about these alternatives, we can help create a more affordable housing marketplace.

Can New Trends and Technologies in Construction Achieve Scale?

Advances in building materials, technologies, and techniques have the potential to transform construction. Yet few advances have achieved the scale needed — at least not yet.

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Using ADU’s to Solve the Affordability Crisis

The West Denver Renaissance Collaborative, an awardee of the Sustainable Communities Innovation Challenge, is making great strides with their Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) program to support low-income residents in gentrifying neighborhoods.

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MH Advantage® Financing for New Generation of Manufactured Homes

Learn how Fannie Mae’s MH Advantage mortgage is providing more opportunities for lenders to help homebuyers get into a quality, customizable home with affordable financing.

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Incorporating Manufactured Housing into the Builder Model

In this outlook webinar, presenters discuss issues related to the state of affordable housing, including supply shortage, the impact of COVID-19, and innovative financing options for manufactured homes.

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Why Generating Interest in Manufactured Housing Is About Showing, Not Telling

The best way to alleviate some of the stigma surrounding manufactured housing is to show potential buyers what the newest models look like. Fannie Mae’s Sharmila Srivastav explains the power of showing, not telling.

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