Fannie Mae’s Affordable Housing Approach

Home prices and homeownership rates don’t just affect prospective homebuyers. They have wide implications for the economy and society at large, with potential impacts that will last for generations to come. That’s why Fannie Mae believes that housing should be affordable for all. And here’s how we can all come together to make that happen.

How Zoning Laws Can Exclude Black Families from Areas of Economic Opportunity

Fannie Mae’s Jeff Hayward comments on the lasting impact of past zoning decisions, which can prevent Black and other minority families from settling in specific neighborhoods today, reinforcing systemic racial inequalities.

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Scholar, Author Richard Rothstein Breaks Down History of Housing Segregation

Kicking off Fannie Mae in:house – a speaker series of creative solutions to housing’s most pressing issues – historian Richard Rothstein explores the history of racial segregation in communities across America.

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Fall in Love with the Problem, Not the Solution

Fannie Mae’s Jeff Hayward writes about the “Unlocking The Market: Big Ideas for Local Housing Challenges” conference and all of the great thinking that came out of this collaboration with the Urban Institute.

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Cultivating Partnerships to Produce Positive, Lasting Neighborhood Change

Last October, 10 problem solvers from across the country came to Washington, DC, to share their proposals, as part of Fannie Mae’s Sustainable Communities Innovation Challenge. Here’s why collaboration is so important for creating change.

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Home's Never Been More Important

There are times when the notion of “home” takes on a far more tangible, urgent meaning. This is one of those times,” writes Hugh Frater.

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